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Swede Ship Marine AB is a group of highly specialized shipyards including Swede Ship Composite and Swede Ship Yachtservice in three locations on the west coast of Sweden. With in-house engineering Swede Ship Marine is well fitted for repair and conversions and to build high-end specialized quality vessels in metal and composite to any customer demand.
In 2014 Swede Ship Sublift AB was formed for the production and sales of SUBLIFT self- propelled submersible boat hoists.
Swede Ship Marine has the capability to build and handle vessels up to 50 m in length. Focus is on the 10 to 30 meter range. All materials, steel, aluminum and advanced composites, are handled.
With in-house design capabilities the engineering group is used to manage any civil, military and classification society requirement. New designs covers rescue vessels, patrol and surveillance boats, wind farm and work boats as well as passenger vessels.
Swede Ship Marine offers all types of repairs and conversions of different types of boats.
Swede Ship Sublift produces and market submersible boat hoists. It is a unique, self- propelled, submersible and compact design that easily takes all types of vessels from sea to cradle and back. Four models are offered for maximum boat weight 12, 25, 40 and 75 ton.

Recent and on-going projects:
A series of twelve 27 meter Fast Patrol Boats is under construction and delivery for a Navy within the GCC in co-operation with a local yard. This is a follow-up on twelve 24 meter troop carriers and four fast supply vessels to the same customer and with the same local partner. A major retrofit program has been made on the troop carriers.
A long list of deliveries and conversions can be presented for 2014. One new 12 meter “Victoria” and one 8 meter “Gunnel Larsson” class has been made to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. For the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue three 14 meter vessels has been delivered in a series of five.
Three 11 meter sea measurement vessel has been made for the Norwegian Mapping Authority. The allowed ship speed for these vessels during depth measurement is up to 14 knots. A ferry has been delivered to Fredrikstad commune in Norway.
Several repairs and conversions have been made for local customers, including for instance a large engine change from a four to a two engine arrangement for Styrsöbolaget. One 20 meter rescue vessel has been lengthened.
Swede Ship Sublift AB has during 2014 started its activities and 12 and 25 ton boat carriages has been delivered to Swedish and Norwegian customers.
Swede Ship Marine pursues long term business relationships and welcome old and new customers.


Swede Ship Marine AB
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