Swedish Fire Protection Association

Without trained crews, fire on board can become a catastrophe, both human casualties, and substantial economic loss for the shipping companies.

A great number of severe fires on board ships in Sweden in the 1950’s stressed the importance of having well-trained ship crews, both regarding preventive measures as well as extinguishing capacity.

In 1959 a committee, The Swedish Maritime Fire Protection Committee (SBK) was created. Its main purpose was to reduce the number of fires on board ships. For more than 50 years, now under the name The Swedish Fire Protection Association, we are proud to have carried out firefighting courses where tens of thousands of seafarers have been certified and given the opportunity to train under truly realistic conditions.

We offer courses in accordance with STCW Code and the Swedish Transport Agency’s requirements: Basic Fire Fighting, Revalidation Course Basic Fire Fighting and Advanced Fire Fighting courses at three different training fields; Helsingborg, Kalmar and Gothenburg.

Together with our skilled instructors from the training fields we can also assist in arranging courses/training adapted to local conditions on board – workplace training.

The Swedish Fire Protection Association, known in Swedish as Brandskyddsföreningen Sverige, is a non-profit and independent association. Our vision is “a Sweden with greater fire safety”.

swedish fire protection association

Swedish Fire Protection Association
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