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Expertise, availability, commitment

SwedMotor is one of the leading independent engine distributors in Sweden with quality engines ranging in size and power from 0.5 to 12 300 horsepower. Our engines can be found in applications from lawnmovers, snowblowers and leisure yachts to road-building machinery, excavators, passenger ships, military tanks and trains.

At Swedmotor we can offer diesel, petrol and gas engines as well as power generators for industrial and marine purposes. SwedMotor has its own engine workshop, an extensive spare parts warehouse and a national service network where genuine technical know-how can be found at every level.

When our customers choose an engine from SwedMotor, they can be sure to get a quality engine that will meet their demands in terms of lifetime costs, fuel consumption and environmental requirements.

MTU – A reliable choice.

Through a long and intensive history of partnership with commercial shipping, thousands of MTU diesel engines are used all over the world on oceans, seas and rivers – as main propulsion and onboard power generation. This widespread use is based on tried and tested performance, reliability, long service life and cost-effectiveness of the MTU engines


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