Swinton Electro Plating

SWINTON ELECTRO PLATING, established in 1962 and providing Surface Engineering services to the
Oil & Gas industry for more than 25 years, operates one of the largest facilities of its type in the UK.

Downhole Tools benefit from the hard-wearing
surface provided by Hard Chrome Plating.

Swinton have specialised in coating “new” product and repairing & re-coating used assets so that the User can achieve a longer life inservice from their tools.

This is also true for assets operating at the Wellhead, Mid-water, Surf-zone and Topsides.

With a length capacity of 8500mm and lift of 5 Tonnes, most equipment can be handled at our plant in Manchester.

Electroless Nickel coatings are used where Corrosion is an issue.

Wellhead equipment including Valves and BOP’s are coated to protect against the harsh sea-floor environment and enable operation when it’s needed!

Mid-water equipment such as Components on ROV’s and ancillary tools like Cable Cutters benefit from the protection provided.

Topsides equipment that has to withstand atmospheric as well as seawater spray conditions can be manufactured and protected with a uniform thickness.

Complex shapes and different metallic
materials can all be coated

Components, some made from high alloys steels, can be provided with the benefits of both coating systems by using Electroless Nickel as a base, corrosion barrier, with a top-coat of Hard Chrome to provide wear resistance and good low-friction properties.

This combination has been used successfully in Riser Tensioners operating in the surf-zone and critical to positioning and stability of the Rig!

Internal or External surfaces can be coated and, with in-house preparation and finishing facilities,
Swinton Electro Plating is ideally suited to protect your assets.

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