Swinton Technology

Swinton Technology is the leading Global supplier of Oil and Gas Flow Metering Computer / Control System Solutions and Services.

Swinton Technology believe that the success of projects is usually dependent upon the teams desire and pride to deliver. Our enthusiastic and committed staff provide an overall “Project Capability” that regularly exceeds our customers expectations.

Swinton Technology’s core expertise is “flow computing”; i.e. metering measurement and control and the computation of metering data based upon associated field signals / data. As an independent integrator Swinton Technology is able to provide the most appropriate flow computing technology and solution to meet specific applications and in accordance with customers requirements.

Swinton Technology is flexible regarding it’s flow computing scope of supply, typical scopes of supply are:
• Flow computers as loose units
• Flow computers and associated control panel(s)
• Metering computer systems
• Metering computer systems and associated control panels
• Support of flow computers and metering computers systems on a global basis and regardless of who supplied the original equipment

Swinton Technology offer an unrivalled quality of service as a consequence of our:
• Strategic business plan that is orientated around the Global supply of high quality products and services
• Company Structure that enables us to effectively deliver our strategic objectives
• Focus solely on the supply of metering computer solutions and services
• Product independence – ensuing that the most appropriate technologies are utilized
• Team’s extensive metering computer solution knowledge and experience covering a vast range of differing metering computer technologies
• Capability and Commitment to provide high quality support services to users of metering computer systems, regardless of the original system supplier
• Innovative added value products that facilitate the upgrade of legacy metering computer systems
• Team’s enthusiasm, drive and commitment to provide “best in industry” products and services
• Flexibility to provide solutions in a manner that reflects the differing needs of our customers
• Commitment to long term relationships with customers, suppliers and alliance partners alike

Swinton Technology
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