”Metabolic Assays Without Labels – Research Without Limits”

SymCel have been doing R&D in the period 2005 – 2013. We have today a unique method to measure heat-flow from living organisms. The equipment includes “state-of-the-art” hardware and software.
In 2014 we have introduced the calScreener™ to a number of academic institutions and companies to generate assay applications in a number of highly interesting market segments.

Symcel Sverige AB is a Cell-Based Assay company developing the calScreener™ multipurpose label-free assay system. calScreener™ is a uniquely versatile platform for measuring true metabolic activity in a large number of research settings.

The calScreener™ directly measures the energy flow in all types of biological systems, ranging from Bacteria to Mammalian cells, as well as single or multi-cell Parasites. The system delivers true phenotype data in both 2D and complex 3D cell systems, linking initial screening hits to a more biologically relevant setting in drug discovery. calScreener™ is a continuous label-free measurement, offering cost effective real time data with unique information regarding the biological system activity, complementing current cell based assay systems  and creating novel insights.

The calScreener™ is based on isothermal microcalorimetry that measures the total metabolic status and response of a cellular system, thereby giving the potential for rapid identification and quantification. This makes calScreener™ a true phenotype assay with great benefit in that very little information is required about the system to be studied. Because there is no need to know the pathways or receptors involved in a process, novel systems can be studied directly, leading to faster results in drug discovery and cell research.

The calScreener™ is a continuous measurement and the power over time curve is a specific footprint for the cellular events involved. As an example, the power curves are different for necrosis and apoptosis, and the effects of different compounds can thus be classified based on the “kinetic” profile of the specific compound. For prokaryotes, there are different growth patterns for different species and different growth patterns for different nutritional status, a property that can be used for rapid identification and quantification.

Symcel2The calScreener technology has a very broad appeal and can be used for a number of different research and development settings:

• Drug Discovery & Toxicology for both small molecule and biopharmaceutical applications, linking primary screening results to physiologically relevant data

• Basic research in Cell biology & Metabolic sciences with a direct readout of factors influencing cellular activity

• Novel Antibiotics development & Microbiological research, fast and direct readout of bacterial survivability and metabolic activity testing in tailor-made microorganisms

• Tropical Medicine & Anti Parasite Drug Development, direct measurement of treatment of intact parasites

• Water Quality Research, e.g. Microbial load and total organic carbon load in fresh water supplies

• In Vitro Diagnostics, e.g. Tuberculosis detection and antibiotic susceptibility testing in a very fast and sensitive assay

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