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Long experience in coordination of quality, work environment and environment

Tåga Konsult AB

Tåga Konsult is a company focused on helping our customers coordinating and administrating large projects. We have a comprehensive background in coordination of quality, work environment and environment in some of Sweden’s largest industrial projects.

We are driven by our interest in orderliness, organization and structure. Our comprehensive view and knowledge contributes to increased efficiency and creates possibilities to save financial resources. We make sure that the right people do the right things at the right time, that involved parties meet when necessary – quite simply, that the work runs smoothly and according to plan. When Tåga Konsult takes care of the administration and coordination of quality, work environment and environment, the customer can focus on the project and be ensured that laws and regulations are followed.

Our consultants are personal and reliable. We know what we are expected to do and we complete our jobs, even though it sometimes may entail that we need to place high demands on you as a customer.

But it is part of our role – to manage the entire or parts of a project that our customer neither can, will or has the capacity to take care of on their own.

Some examples of what we can help you with:

  • risk assessments and analysis
  • investigations
  • setting up quality plans and work environment plans (often required from suppliers, contractors and consultants) as well as plans of acting
  • handling incident reporting
  • design protocol templates and checklists for good self-control
  • create orderliness and working routines for documentation
  • organize the company’s administration to keep it up and running

Feel confident and at ease handing over the responsibility to us. We know our business and you can trust that we keep our promises. And we do a bit more than that. Personal and reliable consultants are what we do best.

Tåga Konsult AB

Tåga Konsult AB
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