TeamTec AS

TeamTec is a world leading manufacturer of marine incinerators and stripping ejectors. The company’s main office is in the town of Tvedestrand in southern Norway. Where shipping and shipbuilding has been a way of life for centuries. TeamTec is proud to be a part of this thriving community.

Top notch quality
TeamTec assigns top priority to quality in design, production and documentation. The company’s quality assurance system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, and quality improvement is implemented as a continuous process.

TeamTec incinerators
TeamTec is the market leader in the marine incinerator market with more than 11000 units sold since 1972, mainly for vessels and offshore installations, but also for on shore use. The key feature of the incinerators is that TeamTec1they have a fully automatic PLC controlled process for environmentally optimal waste destruction, for both solid and liquid waste, with very low operational and maintenance costs. The wide range of TeamTec incinerators covers capacities from 190 000 kcal/h to 1 290 000 kcal/h. Skid-mounted and containerized incinerators can be tailor made on customer request. All TeamTec incinerators are of a modular construction and can, if required, be delivered as a flat-packed unit for assembly and installation on board the vessel – no parts are bigger than a normal ship door. Sludge tanks and diesel oil tanks are a part of the wide range of extra equipment. TeamTec incinerators are in compliance with IMO and maintain type approval from all major class societies.

TeamTec bilge and grey water injection solutions
TeamTec water injection system for TeamTec incinerators is an efficient and automated disposal system for contaminated water. The system reduces operating issues related to OWS, increases sludge burning capacity and reduces NOX emissions. Older incinerator models can easily be upgraded with TeamTec’s certified water injection upgrading kit. No additional support fuel is needed.

TeamTec stripping ejectors
TeamTec stripping ejectors are efficient, liquid-driven jet pumps for stripping cargo tanks, ballast tanks, cargo holds, engine rooms and other applications for which a centrifugal pump is insufficient. TeamTec has supplied over 75.000 ejector deliveries over the years, and today TeamTec stripping ejectors have become an important part of modern new buildings. TeamTec stripping ejectors

are made of high-grade bronze alloy with a Monel or AISI 316 nozzle and carry a twenty-year warranty when used for liquid phase only. The company has continuously improved and perfected the design for use of ejectors on ships and will provide qualified advice and sizing expertise.


Other TeamTec ejector types and products
TeamTec also supply other ejector types and products related to specific purposes i.e. mud mixing, degassing, vacuuming and evacuation of air, gas. TeamTec’s design and production of ejector types is flexible in accordance with customer requests.

TeamTec after sales – worldwide service and spare parts
TeamTec provides comprehensive after sales service for all TeamTec products worldwide. TeamTec offers spare parts, commissioning, repair service, pre-installation survey, service agreements, training and general technical support. TeamTec provides prompt and professional service with maximum cost-effectiveness, and a combination of experienced and highly qualified engineers and extensive know-how guarantees that the company’s customers will receive the highest level of client care.


TeamTec AS
P.O. Box 203, NO-4902 Tvedestrand
+47 37 19 98 00