Teknotherm Marine AS

Teknotherm has for many years been among the leading suppliers
of refrigeration systems to the worldwide merchant marine.

Our range of products covers your total need for any kind of refrigeration installation on board a modern vessel.

Teknotherm has for years been a leading supplier of refrigeration systems to the world’s fishing fleet.

Teknotherm provides a full range of high quality, tailor made  refrigeration systems for the demanding fishing industry at sea. Teknotherm refrigeration systems comply with all major classification societies and standards.

Fast and reliable service – whereever you are

Teknotherm Service provides service engineers to execute repair, overhaul and warranty work on all types of refrigeration plants installed on merchant marine- or fishing vessels.

Teknotherm Marine A/S manufactured plants preferably use Bock-, Carrier-, Mycom- Bitzer or RefComp-compressor types. In our workshop we do tailor-made units with compressor, motor, pulleys, suction trap, oil separator, gauges and safety switches mounted on a frame, as replacement for old compressors with expensive/inaccessible parts.


Teknotherm Marine AS
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