TelTek1Increased profit and competiveness and decreased carbon footprint in industry through better understanding of powder processing operations

Combining powder technology, process analytical technology and multivariate statistics presents novel opportunities for improving energy efficiency and reducing production costs by optimization   of process design and first time right production.

Powder/particulate materials processing technologies are required across all sectors of the process industry and are characteristically high in energy demand. Processing operations such as mixing, filtering, agglomeration, surface coating, dosing, milling, wear protection, classification, corrosion, scaling and erosion, transport and storage, all have potential for improved energy efficiency, increased profit and reduced carbon footprint. Such processing operations are as well critical with respect to quality of products as well as erosion of equipment.

Intensification of powder processing technologies are therefore one of the most important challenges in industry, with a high potential for improved performance and reduced carbon footprint. The challenges are often very complex and should be approached with a multivariate way of thinking combined with knowledge in process analytical technology and soft sensors (Smart Manufacturing). This is essential in order to really understand and control the most important product quality and process parameters resulting in robust operational excellence.

The ongoing project funded by Norwegian R&D Council and the industry “Improving Efficiency of Offshore Drill Cuttings Handling Process” is a good example combining powder and process analytical technology.

The project is focusing on transferring and storage of drill-cuttings is crucial for oil-drilling operation and to minimise its impact on environment. Better understanding on transfer and storage processes of dry and partially-moist drill-cuttings will make a positive impact on cost effective drilling operation.

TelTek2Tel-Tek is a Norwegian national research institute with focus on energy efficient processes and low emissions. We conduct projects for and in collaboration with industry and public enterprises.

In addition to highly skilled and experienced researchers within powder technology and smart manufacturing, our powder technology research facilities include a wide variety of analytical instrumentation and pilot equipment of various scales.

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