Texor AB

Texor1Texor AB, part of the Lifco Group, is a system supplier for the Life Science industry and has extensive experience of manufacturing in stainless steel. Today we supply machines that our customers export all over the world, primarily to large companies that produce pharmaceuticals. We are now the world’s leading manufacturer of chromatography columns. Chromatography columns are used in the production of insulin, vaccines and cancer medicines. In our 4 500 m² production unit in Lycksele, Sweden, we also produce components for the food processing industry. Texor has an annual turnover of SEK 200 million.

All our customers set extremely high demands on quality, traceability and delivery reliability. In order to comply with these strict requirements we are focused on manufacturing products and systems in stainless steel and as a result have acquired a deep understanding of this material, but also of the certifications required by the market. We understand the reality facing our customers, and as a subcontractor we can handle overall solutions from start to finish, from design to production, including all the relevant documentation. And we don’t waste time, orders lead to rapid deliveries. We are also known for our flexibility and are specialised in the delivery of short series, because this is what the industry wants. We always adapt our production to the special needs of our customers, and we custom design machines for this purpose. Our success is a natural consequence of our experienced and dedicated personnel, a solid and committed owner, and a strong network of competent suppliers focused on meeting the demands of our customers.

Quality from start to finish

Product development
Texor is an important and frequently used partner for our customers in the development of new machines. With our extensive experience of manufacturing machines we function as a sounding board and support before manufacturing begins, so as to achieve the best possible end results. Can it be manufactured? What materials should we use? Can it be done more cost-efficiently? How do we create an optimal flow? These are the kind of questions we help our customers to answer before production starts. Our experience has also brought us into close contact with certifications the industry demands for production all over the world. We have also built up a very wide contact network for other materials that our customers can use, for example FDA approved plastics and polymers.

The next step is the design, and even here we manage to support our customers. We help them to prepare drawings and prototypes, and very often we also help our customers’ own design engineers. The acquisition of Zetterströms Stainless also means that we have our own design competence and capacity if the need should arise.

Documentation is essential for our customers and therefore we assume the overall responsibility for it, and guarantee that all the requisite documentation is delivered together with the product and the system. We can deliver documentation according to GMP.

A competent partner
We can handle a project from start to finish, and we are competent in the following areas:

• Design – we have our own competence and capacity. Our five design engineers have over 20 years of collective experience.
• Production – our production unit does the welding, milling, licensed welding, grinding and polishing (expertise in electro polishing). We assemble and test the machines in our assembly buildings to make sure that they will work in the parts of the world where they are going to be used. Certification by an external party also takes place in conjunction with assembly and testing.
• Documentation – we assume the overall responsibility for all the documentation requested by the customer (including 100 per cent traceability) and ensure that it follows all the relevant laws, rules and regulations, and certifications. Our documentation follows FDA’s requirements and GMP.

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