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Themis CreateABOUT US
Themis Create AS provides products and services for marine operations. Our services range from design to service, throughout the lifetime of our products. Our main segments are Marine Hose Handling, MOB boat launching systems, Ship to Ship Transfer and Emergency unloading. We have chosen to cooperate with local renowned providers of engineering, production and service. This gives us the advantage of combining decades of experience with great flexibility.

Our products
All our products are designed in close cooperation with the customer and even more important – the end user. This is essential in the process of developing a product which is to be well received in the market and by the people who use it. We believe it is worth spending a little more time and resources in the early stages of the product development phase, and thereby ensuring that the understanding and overview of the product requirements is absolute.

• Themis SAFE – Unmanned bulkhose handling
• Themis EASY – Secure bulkhose handling
• Themis REVO – Bulkhose handling in arctic areas
• Themis HAWSER – Bulkhose storing offshore
• Themis MOB – Fast rescue craft handling

Themis SAFE
Right from the first days of offshore oil and gas extraction, bulkhose handling has been one of the most demanding marine operations. In areas with rough weather conditions, typically the North Sea, this operation has been synonymous with considerable risk. This is due to:
• Personnel beneath hanging load – risk of mortal injuries
• Personnel in contact with moving parts – risk of severe injuries
• Hose tear off – risk of emissions
• Break on hose – risk of plugging

With the world wide patented Themis SAFE system we introduce a new method for hose handling which completely removes the dangers listed above. From now on there is no need for personnel to be even close to hanging loads or moving parts. There are still manual operations involved, but these are risk free. A very pleasant side-effects is increased operability and thereby reduced costs for our customers.

Themis CreateThemis SAFE is constructed based on a set of principles:
• Maximum flexibility
• Minimum complexity
• Minimum moving parts

This is why the system is easy to mount onto your PLATFORM, RIG or FPSO, and is designed to fit most PSV with minor conversions, if any at all. If there is a sudden need for supply from a vessel not suitable for connection with Themis Safe, simply disconnect and do the operation by standard procedures.

Themis SAFE is by a few simple operations transformed between two states:
• Adapted for vessels with cargo station on railing
• Adapted for vessels with cargo station on cargo deck

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