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Jarlsberg cheese from Tine

A Secret Norwegian Recipe.

Jarlsberg® is based on a secret Norwegian recipe dating back to 1956. The combination of traditional cheese-making and modern technology gives the cheese an edge, appreciated by both world class and amateur chefs world-wide.

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Made from premium milk, Jarlsberg® cheese has a sweet, mild and nutty taste. Known for its characteristic round holes and versatility – it works equally well in cooking as it does for snacking. Jarlsberg® turns your everyday dishes into culinary experiences.

So why does it taste so good? Well, every legend has its mysteries, and this one is of Norway’s most closely guarded secrets. So when you gather with family or friends to enjoy the fine taste of Jarlsberg, you can invent a few legends of your own.

Jarlsberg® is owned and produced by TINE SA – the main distributor and producer of dairy products in Norway. The company has 5.600 employees and an annual turnover of NOK 20.449 billion (2013).
For more information, please see www.tine.no or www.jarlsberg.com.


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