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Tomra Compaction, waste managementTomra Compaction AB is a world leader in compaction and baling solutions for solid waste materials at source. The company develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of waste compactors, balers and briquetting machines for recyclable materials. These solutions for recycling and disposal improve business efficiency, add to a cleaner environment and provide the total waste handling economy.

With its headquarters and production facilities in Sweden, Tomra Compaction has an extensive network of business representatives in more than 40 countries in the world. Tomra Compaction belongs to TOMRA Group since 2005. TOMRA transforms the way the world obtains, uses and reuses its resources.

Valuable waste
Tomra Compactions equipment contributes to reduced costs and more profitable waste management, since less transportation, less manual handling and less storage space are required when waste is compacted.

When loose waste – for example empty cardboard boxes or soft plastic – is transported for recycling or disposal, the load can contain more than 75 % air. Therefore, over time, substantial amounts of money are paid to transport air from one location to another. The volume reduction of up to 10:1, when using the compaction equipment, decreases the rounds of heavy vehicle traffic considerably, which reduces transportation costs and curtails carbon dioxide emission. Clean fractions of sorted and compacted waste may also be a significant source of income to the customer.

Tomra Compaction, waste management

More productivity and more free space
Handling loose waste material within a building can be quite labor intensive. The time the staff spends on cutting and folding boxes and on other waste-handling activities is time spent away from the core business! Even a small amount of time saved each day translates into an important contribution to improved business economy over the long term. Furthermore, compacting materials rapidly minimizes the space that waste takes up and keeps aisles and passageways free and tidy.


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