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“Everything which is to come into contact with the wound has been made sterile, except the air, which is in contact with everything”
Whyte 1973

Even with the modern surgery of today, hospitals still face problems with patients getting infections from surgical interventions. Apart from prolonged hospital care as well as suffering for the patient it often also leads to overuse of antibiotics with an increase in MRSA as a consequence.

Studies have shown that up to 98% of the bacteria in the wound at the end of operation came from the air of which 30% was direct sedimentation. The remaining 70% could be traced to indirect sedimentation, such as through contaminated surgical instruments that had been contaminated by airborne sedimenting bacteria.

About SteriStay

• SteriStay is a mobile instrument table that supplies ultra clean air over sterile instruments and goods to maintain the sterility over a longer period.

• SteriStay prevents dangerous airborne bacteria-carrying particles from coming into contact with anything placed on the instrument table.

• SteriStay is a medical devices in accordance with  93/42/EEC (MDD).

• SteriStay guarantees an ultraclean environment of
<5 cfu/m3 air, ISO class 5 and highest protection degree (1a) according to DIN 1946-4.

toul meditech

SteriStay is an instrument table with an integrated ultraclean air flow protecting the instruments

Toul Meditech has developed the SteriStay instrument table which can be used for as well preparation as during the entire surgical procedure to keep the instruments clean, thus preventing any bacteria-carrying particles to contaminate the instruments from the air.

Additional ultra clean space in the OR
For OR’s that have smaller laminar air flow ceiling systems it is almost impossible to accommodate all sterile instruments under the clean zone, leaving it to be exposed to contamination by airborne particles. By adding a SteriStay instrument table with an integrated ultra clean air flow, the clean zone in the OR can be enlarged for all instruments to be protected from contaminant. This offers a flexible solution that creates valuable space for the OR-team and gives the highest degree of protection without any interference with the existing air ventilation system.

toul meditech

SteriStay as an addition to a small ultra clean laminar air flow zone