Tracerco Norge AS

Tracerco is a world-leading provider of unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Our process diagnostics technologies can diagnose a wide range of production problems using sophisticated tracerand advanced measurement technology.

Tracerco’s techniques provide rapid and reliable insight onsite.

Techniques are normally carried out

  • Online
  • During normal operation
  • By highly trained and experienced Tracerco engineers
  • In challenging environments
  • With minimal site preparation
  • Providing immediate onsite results for the customer

Improve efficiency – reduce risk – save money.
Our services enable identification of process problems and solutions to be implemented without intervention and delay.

Analytical Services: Reservoir analysis – Chemical analysis – Radiochemistry analysis 
Oil & Gas Performance: Separation studies – Scanning – Flow assurance
Petrochemical & Refineries: Scanning – Leak tests – Flow study – Flow measurement
Product Assurance: Fuel – Crude oil – Biofuel – Specialty chemicals
Reservoir Characterisation: Interwell study – Wellbore study – Flow profile
Subsea: Flow assurance – Inspection- Pipeline services – Wreck removal & salvage

Tracerco has 31 operational offices and around 300 employees in key strategic locations across the world. This combined with a network of agents and service partners allows us to service our customers anywhere in the world at short notice. The success of Tracerco over the past 50 years can be attributed not only to its patented product range, but also to our customer driven development and client focus.but also to our customer driven development and client focus.

Tracerco Norge AS
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