Tracerco Norge AS

Tracerco is a world leading industrial technology company providing unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions.

Tracerco can provide the most suitable and well-engineered solution to any measurement problem. Our full range of nucleonic instrumentation include instruments for:

  • Level measurement
  • Density measurement (for solids, liquids and gas)
  • Interface measurement

All of our nucleonic instruments

  • Are tailored to each customer’s specific requirement
  • Have a 20-year design life
  • Provide a safe, accurate and reliable solution to customer measurement challenges

The TRACERCO ProfilerTM provides customers with a unique insight into their production vessels providing a true transparent view of the separation process.

This enables operators to:

  • Optimise the use of chemical additives
  • Optimise sand jetting frequency and procedure
  • Optimise vessel liquid and interphase levels
  • Optimise production throughput

With over 300 density profilers installed all over the world, the TRACERCO ProfilerTM is a field proven and popular choice with our customers.

Tracerco Norge AS
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