Tranberg AS

Your partner for winterization and control equipment for safe and hazardous areas Tranberg has long experience and the related engineering know-how and suitable products to provide the customer with optimal solutions for heating in safe and potentially explosive atmospheres.

The company’s quality assurance system is certified according to ISO9001:2008 by Dekra

TRANBERG products are made to withstand adverse weather conditions, and most of TRANBERG products are available in EX models for installation in hazardous areas.

  • Heating of superstructure
  • Stair Heating Emclosures
  • Heating of Railings
  • Heating of Deck/Gangways
  • Winterization of Marine Doors
  • Search Lights
  • Navigation Lights
  • Self Regulating Enclosure Heaters
Heating systems
– Heat trace / De-Ice systems
– Engineering and field support
– Control, monitoring and distribution panel
– Temperature controllers
– Junction boxes, heating cables and connection accessories
– Enclosure and immersion heaters
– Protection and heating of instruments
– Tube trace (Heated instrument tube)
Lighting systems
– Navigation, search and signal light systems
– Floodlights, deck and obstruction lights
– Installation material
– Helideck lighting system
– NavAids
Enclosure systems
– Junction boxes / Instrument enclosures
– Cable glands
– Panel building
– EX-Systems
Tranberg AS
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