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Tranter offers an extensive range of gasketed and welded heat exchangers specially designed for marine applications. This, combined with extensive experience and solid technical expertise, makes Tranter a reliable heat transfer partner for the marine industry.

tranterGasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
Tranter‘s plate heat exchangers (PHEs) can fulfil any capacity requirement. They are efficient, reliable and easy to service and maintain. The PHEs consist of few parts and are very compact. The plates have a unique design, which enables exact matching for any application. Performance adjustments can easily be made by adding or removing plates. It is possible to achieve both symmetrical and asymmetrical flow and full turbulence in each exchanger, thus maximizing heat transfer efficiency and minimizing fouling.

For many decades, Tranter’s PHEs have proven to be the perfect solution for various closed-circuit cooling systems at sea, for applications such as seawater, lube oil and freshwater coolers and oil and fuel heaters. They are also frequently found in other applications on-board vessels, such as tap-water production systems and HVAC systems.

Welded Plate Heat Exchangers
Tranter also produces high performance heat exchangers for extreme temperatures, pressures and special designs that exceed gasket limitations.

Tranter‘s Supermax shell and plate heat exchanger and Platecoil prime-surface heat exchanger banks are designed for optimum efficiency in compact packages. Supermax heat exchangers consistently outperform shell and tube deck heaters, while Platecoil banks make pipe coil obsolete for bulk cargo heating banks.

Both products offer:

  • Much smaller footprint & lighter weight
  • Easier installation
  • Removable heat exchange surfaces for effective cleaning
  • Faster heating or cooling with less energy fluid
  • Turbulent flow for better scaling resistance and greater reliability

tranterAdditional welded products offered by Tranter are our Maxchanger welded plate heat exchangers and spiral heat exchangers.

More about Tranter
Tranter is a global supplier of heat exchangers and heat transfer solutions for marine, offshore, HVAC and industrial applications. The company is represented in more than 50 countries on all continents worldwide via agents, licensees and sales companies. The main production facilities in Sweden, Germany, USA, China and India are all certified to ISO9001, ABS, GL, LRS, NK, BV, DNV, RINA, KR and China class.

Tranter has a global network of service centres, representatives and engineers in Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, North & South America, ensuring quick and reliable maintenance of plate heat exchangers of all brands. These centres can also train your staff in handling day-to-day maintenance.

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