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Trimm Design grows steadily

The year 2008 was a difficult year for many water sports companies and it was in that year that Klaas Westra and Shantia Fardin opened the doors of their design agency. In an attic in Leeuwarden they designed yachts and interiors, and now, eight years later, they have out grown the attic.

By S. Fardin and K. J. Westra

The new building at Orionweg in Leeuwarden is very spacious and that has everything to do with 40 hired employees. Additionally, since 2015, 5 employees are based in their office in Aachen as well.  Trimm Design has expanded its network over the years with clients that are very well known in the industry. They recently designed the latest models of the Boarnstream, the Elegance 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500 and 1700. For the same client they also designed the Boarncruiser 42 Retro AC and OK. Also for the superyacht yards like De Vries, de Voogt, Feadship, Heesen and Pendennis Trimm Design delivered a lot of services.

Westra and Fardin gained a lot of experience at different employers in the yacht building industry. Westra mainly worked in interior design and Fardin worked on the drawing board. Fardin and Westra were, at a good time, colleagues at the same employer, and after several years they decided to continue together as business partners. The first drawing order came from Dörr Lemmer who worked on the interior of a Vitters sailing yacht.

“Our cooperation is very well balanced,” says Klaas Jan Westra. “Shantia is the technician and I am the creative one, together we make beautiful things.” Trimm Design hires skilled naval architects, interior designers and furniture makers. “We select our staff on technical skills but a practical and visually-oriented approach to our business combined with good communication skills is essential in our company.”

The mission of Trimm Design is created from the customer’s wishes. This can be a private person, but also a shipyard. In both cases, the process in order to achieve a good product is the same. “We must translate the wishes of a customer into something concrete. During such a process already is being thought about how we can translate these needs into an optimal construction process. A good recent example was our respected client the Boarnstream from Jirnsum. A yard comes over to us with an idea for a new series of yachts. Based on an interview about the length of the yachts, the sailing area, in connection with the height and depth of the yacht and a rough idea of the appearance, a first sketch will be drawn. When the design is completed entirely on paper, Trimm Design performs the calculations of the yacht which is all about perfect sailing characteristics. The volume of the boat (displacement) and hydrostatics are calculated so that the agency is satisfied and quite certain of the anticipated sailing characteristics. When the design is ready on paper, a digital three-dimensional model is made. A yard may use these drawings to advertise with, before the ship is built. When the 3D model is ready this will once be fully discussed with our customer and if we both are satisfied the construction drawings will be realized. During this phase also the interior design and engineering will be started up.

Former director of the Boarnstream Henk Hokwerda is extremely satisfied with the cooperation of Trimm Design. “They came to introduce their company in 2008 at our yard and we had a good feeling with both men. A positive click between a yard and a design agency is of the utmost importance. Such cooperation is often a long time relationship and trust in each other plays, in the development of a new line, a big role. “

At the start of a project the customer can have certain preferences such as interior layout or motorization needs. In the series construction all detailed requirements such as color of the coating and any type of wood of the interior are still negotiable, but the interior layout is fixed. In the upper segment and definitely in the super yacht all is custom built, which means that a buyer can still submit all kinds of wishes. “Sometimes we come into contact with wishes of a client who is not completely consistent with how we would build a boat. The client can for example ask for an engine with more power despite our calculations. We can advise the client but it remains his decision and like we said, his wish is sacred to us.

When the yacht is built Trimm Design does a comprehensive test run to check if everything went as actually expected. Primarily speed, displacement and weight are tested thoroughly. This usually occurs before the completion of the yacht. During construction, a Trimm Design project supervisor is regularly found on the site. “In the super yacht business each project has a supervisor and Trimm Design is regularly hired to supervise the construction of a yacht. Also foreign shipyards find us more often due to our continuously expanding network, “said Klaas Jan Westra.

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