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Ola Tronrud founded Tronrud Engineering AS in 1977. Since then, the company has grown vigorously, showing a profit every year of its existence. Most of its earnings have been invested in the further development of its human resources and technical facilities. This commitment has made the company an attractive business partner for industrial companies all over the world. Performing a various range of tasks, to the industry as well as to the armed forces, has been an important business for Tronrud Engineering from far back in time. Managing these projects, the company has seen the importance of focusing on research and development.

Tronrud Engineering

Putting Ideas into Practice
Tronrud Engineering’s slogan is “Putting ideas into practice”. But it is more than a slogan, it is also a business idea that the company urges to put into practice.

With passion and hard work, Tronrud Engineering generates unique ideas. With a focus on improvement, the company pushes itself to persist until it serves its customers by putting their ideas into practice.

Customer Participation Streamlines the Process
Throughout the process, from the idea to the end product, Tronrud Engineering works in close cooperation with its customers. The company chooses this way of working to ensure that its customers get the optimal solution, fulfilling their wishes and specifications for the product.

Innovation and creativity become increasingly important in modern business. In cooperation with its customers, Tronrud Engineering has carried out a broad range of research and development projects. To meet customers’ needs and to help them reach the leading edge of global competition, the company puts pride and devotion into its projects. With a basis in analyses and a set of theories, the company works according to empirical methods because it has learned that that is what putting ideas into practice is all about.

Design & Engineering
All design is carried out using state of-theart CAD-systems. Tronrud Engineering has worked with 3D-CAD since the early 1990s and today the company uses Siemens PLM Software (NX and Teamcenter). The company also uses CAD to design electrical systems when these are a part of its projects. Software Development Tronrud Engineering’s software development staff are highly skilled and has long experience in programming and employing a wide range of systems.

Production of Parts
An optimal combination of CNC controlled machinery and highly skilled personnel are the key strength of this department. The machinery equipment is on the cutting edge of today’s technology. Directly transfer from CAD to CAM ensures a high quality and short lead time of complex geometry.

The welding department uses common welding techniques like TIG, MIG and MAG, with certified welders. This department also has a workshop for sheet metal production. The assembly department, with its highly skilled workers, ensures that the building and testing of machines are at a worldclass level.

Tronrud Engineering; #D Laserintering, Mathematical Modelleing, Medical Technology & Health care

3D Lasersintering
The DMLS machine enables production of mechanical parts and components directly from drawings with unique possibilities for design. The machine is compatible with most 3D DAC formats, and the accuracy of the parts is about +/- 0.05 millimeter depending on the geometry. High quality materials, as titanium, aluminum, and tool steel, can be used for the production, which also brings about many new and interesting possibilities related to medical technology. Titanium spare parts for human beings can be printed directly from drawings.

Mathematical Modelling
Tronrud’s R&D department has expertise within mathematical modelling and algorithm development. Advanced FEM (Finite Element Method) tools are utilized, in order to form a theoretical support for the more practical parts of the company’s projects, as well as to solve pure R&D tasks for Tronrud’s customers. The company’s experience is that building up an adequate theoretical foundation before getting too deep into a new project can be of vital importance, in order to solve a problem within the budget and the time frame, as well as to achieve an optimal technical solution.

Medical Technology & Health Care
During the last 15 years, Tronrud Engineering has engaged in various projects related to medical technology (medtech) and health care, always in close cooperation with its customers. The projects have included the development of manufacturing equipment for various sorts of medicines and diagnostics, as well as the development of automatic production processes and automatic assembly of various health and dental care equipment. Most recently, Tronrud Engineering has also been directly involved in product development for the medtech market together with new and innovative partners.

Tronrud Engineering; Eggemoen Aviation & Technology ParkEggemoen Aviation & Technology Park
Tronrud Engineering AS has an aviation and technology park under development. The park includes 600 acres, a 2,000 metre runway and industrial, aviation and storage infrastructure. Tronrud Engineering is looking for joint venture partners to establish activity related to industry, logistics and aviation, which can include:
• Logistic centres
• Aviation maintenance
• Base related activity for both helicopter and jets
• Para-public activity
• Industrial cooperation and establishments

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