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Truly Translational Sweden AB offers consultancy combined with specialized experimental services within translational science. Our mission is to help our customers to translate preclinical project ideas into efficient experimental plans delivering successful clinical trials.

We believe pharmacology is the core of drug development. A better understanding of the relationship between the pharmacokinetic (PK) properties and the pharmacodynamic (PD) effects of your compound will provide key information for successful pre-clinical development and clinical design.

We offer specialized experimental services combined with consultancy including

  • Identification and design of key experiments
  • PK studies using optimized formulation/
    administration conditions
  • Customized PD animal models
  • Modeling of PK/PD relationships
    and dose predictions
  • Data evaluation

Strategic plans from hypothesis to patient are crucial in our concept for successful pre-clinical development and clinical design. We provide strategic consultancy including planning, leadership and evaluation of your projects, and will help you develop sharp strategic plans with a focus on the end goal and clear milestones along the way.

We support you with

  • Preclinical project plans
  • Target product profiles (TPP)
  • Differentiation & market strategies
  • Strategic & operational project leadership
  • Second opinion

Biomarkers are becoming increasingly important in drug development, and integrated with PK/PD data they provide important links between preclinical and clinical research. We can help you identify and implement the use of biomarkers in your projects to support decisions about efficacy, dose selection, safety and personalized medicine.

We provide consultancy on biomarkers regarding

  • Context of use
  • Biomarkers for efficacy/patient stratification
  • Regulatory vs. exploratory use
  • Clinical and analytical validation
  • Linking PK/PD to biomarker strategy

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