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Development of the “New Work Method” Concept vs. Trials and Achievements made.

1. Treatment results at the end of several vessels trial time proved out satisfactory for pre-cleaning, removal of multiple scale and rust layers followed by temporary protection on top of cleaned sound, but oxidized steel. The part goal achievement STEP I and STEP II had been proved out satisfactory with results being reflected in TRIAL vessels survey reports.

2. The general spray rate of low pressure application, within a ballast tank providing free access is estimated to 600 m2 / hour, consuming 90 Lt. (Adjustable Multi Nozzle)

3. The Concept Part: “STEP III” however had to be worked out by independent 3rd party. The main purpose for such trial was to achieve result seen “equal” to ISO 8501 – 1 C Sa 2, or better. During 2006, “Det Norske Veritas” (DNV) had worked out a Product & Test report, which proved that product dedicated by Concept: “STEP III” had achieved pre-cleaning degree seen equal to ISO 8501 – 1 C Sa 2. Facts reflected above enable the New Work Method to compete with other pre-cleaning methods known to date in a very cost efficient way!

4. Based on subject result it had been proven to make it possible to apply a “surface tolerant” epoxy – hard paint coating, onto a “rusty” pre-treated surface being transferred into a ready clean spec-surface for long time paint protection after completing the rinsing work procedure with a water based alkaline high foam chemical cleaning application, this in order to remove remaining oxide together with the integrated “CSR” coating.

5. Prior to dry docking the Owner would have the opportunity to implement “STEP I” as the ultimate pre-cleaning program in order to loosen up and remove multiple scale layers and rust from surface saving time or even days in dry dock. It is very important however to emphasize that both “CSR “ Soya-base + “CoatscaleRemover II” abbreviated “CSR II” Contains Linseed Oil (Both Green Products in compliance to “MSDS’s”) provides in addition good steel surface preservation properties between 18 and up to 36 months +.

6. When “CSR II” is applied on top of a Hard Paint / Epoxy system, or partly disintegrated Paint system, the life span will reach to extend up to 36 months prior to estimate necessary renewal / upgrade – The 2nd life span extent is estimated to be done in the same manner as carried out 3 years earlier.

7. “CSR II” property related to heat resistance opens up treatment onto Steam pipes and alike. Reduced cost over time is a key success factor for repeated orders from Owners whom have learned how to play the “preservation game”.



Step test for rust and scale removal by micron                                                                  CSR Appearance after 14 months on rusty surface

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