TTC NORGE AS has produced heating and cooling coils for the HVAC industry since starting in 1967. With 60 employees, TTC NORGE AS serves several European countries, as well as the global offshore industry.

TTC’s new factory in Mysen, Norway, which has been increased with 3000 m2


TTCApplication of our products
Our products are used in many market areas, the below points are examples of some of the market areas and applications:
• Offshore, components for engine rooms, technical rooms, crane operator’s cabs, living quarters etc.
• Energy, components for power production, power distribution and power processing.
• Shipping, components for machine-cooling etc.
• Process and food industry, components for cooling and/or heating of various processes.
• Ventilation for industry and commerce buildings.

Seawater Cooling
Coils for HVAC systems using seawater as the medium. This results in maximum use of the coils (both cooling and heating in the same coil) giving good economy and a simple solution. TTC was responsible for developing the world’s first seawater cooling coils with tubes made of titanium. The company has produced these coils since 1989 and the majority of coils for HVAC systems made with titanium tubes are manufatured in the factory of TTC in Mysen, Norway,

Quality Coils
TTC NORGE AS ensures the highest quality standards through its certified QA system based on ISO 9001.

Materials in a titanium coil consists of:
• Tubes in titanium grade 1, headers in grade 2.
• Fins in SS316L, titanium or CuSn.

Export Markets
TTC NORGE AS exports to markets in Europe and the USA.

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