Uksnøy & Co. AS


Uksnøy & Co. AS are an owner and management company for offshore vessels. The company has been working in the industry since 1972. Through the years, the company has operated about 25 vessels on a world wide basis.

Today Uksnøy & Co. AS operates a fleet of seven units of AUV, ROV, seismic and seismic support vessels.

Uksnøy & Co. AS are situated in modern facilities in Brattvåg, 40 minutes from Ålesund. Being holder of the ISM-Code the company performes full management for their clients including technical, commercial, and crewing services.

All services are taken care of by well experienced and qualified personnel.

Uksnøy & Co. AS takes on offshore assignments based in our policy, that in the conduct of our activities, we take foremost account of the health and safety of all personnel and safeguard the natural environment.

Uksnøy & Co. AS
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