Ulmatec has a long-term and industrial strategy. It’s philosophy is to invest in and develop local industrial jobs and local expertise in order to reach out to an international market. With high service level and dedicated expertise in sales, design, engineering and manufacturing, Ulmatec is ready to go deeper Into these markets.


– Our goal is to be a unified and dynamic powerful international brand in the marine industry. With a long –term strategy, we focus on the industrial development of the group. Interaction and collaboration between our units and the people within in the group gives us the capability to succeed in our ambition, says Jon Åge Eidem, Marketing Director of Ulmatec.

With several acquisitions of high-end marine brands over the last decade, they are closing up to their long-term goal.

– We want to develop a strong marine grouping with Norwegian ownership which offers quality products and the best service in the market, says Eidem.

– We’re solution-oriented with a concentration on efficient, safe, simple and robust technological solutions, he adds. Ulmatec offer functional and specialised solutions base d on customer needs. With the acquisition of PYRO in 2008, Cetix last year and our coordination within services, where we do our own design and production, we’re taking several additional steps towards our vision of ensuring that “our contribution makes a difference” to the customer, says Jon Åge Eidem.

Ulmatec provides highly functional and specialised marine solutions for rigs and ships based on customer needs. It offers complete projects, system deliveries in close cooperation with renowned naval architects, and third-party verification of external deliveries. Ulmatec is an abbreviation for Ulstein Marine Technology AS. This company can trace its history back to 1917 and to Ulstein Mek Verksted, the origin of the Ulstein group. A number of new marine businesses flourished following the acquisition of Ulstein by Vickers and Rolls-Royce in 1999. One of these was Ulmatec. Established in 2000, it is now the parent of a group of companies delivering marine technology and services worldwide.

PYRO became part of the ULMATEC family in 2008. PYRO has delivered heating equipment to more than 15000 ships worldwide since 1951. Since Pyro became ULMATEC Pyro, primary focus has been on product development. The first new product that was presented was ‘Heat Recovery’ and through this ULMATEC delivers an advanced control system that documents all environmentally friendly energy that can be recycled using equipment on board, and this is distributed through the PYRO flow control unit. Moreover, we have launched a tank heating system for ORO/NOFO OilRec, which is a much more affordable and simpler system than those on the market today. Both of these systems have the famous PYRO boiler included in the delivery. In addition, we have launched the PYRO incinerator, which has been a success on the market with its robust and user friendly construction.

“Cetix is a technology run engineering environment and it has been an important partner for Ulmatec for several years. It became part of the Ulmatec family in November 2011. In particular in its capacity as a supplier of high performance electrical winches, Cetix (now called Umatec Cetix), has fitted like a hand in a glove with Ulmatec Stromeks LARS systems. More and more customers want to relate to system suppliers. This is why Cetix and Ulmatec suit each other perfectly”, says Marketing Manager, Jon-Åge Eidem.

ULMATEC Service has been established in Tromsø, Fosnavåg, Bergen, Stavanger and Singapore. All divisions in Norway have good workshop facilities and access to quays. We have a large stock of filters and motor parts from Cummins, Mitsubishi, Cat and MAK, etc. In all, 30 mechanics are at your disposal worldwide to carry out service on our own ULMATEC equipment, or other well-known and less known, maritime equipment.

Ulmatec has a long-term and industrial strategy. Our philosophy is to invest and develop industrial jobs and local competence to reach out into an international market.

“Our goal is to be a unified and dynamic international brand within the maritime industry. With a long-term strategy we will focus on the industrial development of the corporate group. Interaction and collaboration between our holdings and people within the group makes us want to succeed with our ambitions”, says Jon-Åge Eidem, Marketing Manager at Ulmatec.

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