Unimedic AB

About UniMedic:

  • Unimedic AB is one of Scandinavia’s largest contract manufacturers of liquid pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Unimedic offers rational GMP-manufacturing and control in well-equipped laboratories.
  • We take responsibility for the total manufacturing chain, from the purchase of input materials to the release of the end product.
  • We are known for high flexibility and effectiveness, both for small and large manufacturing series.
  • Among our current clients are some of the foremost pharmaceutical companies in Scandinavia.


Our services are adapted to both the pharmaceutical industries and to health care. Unimedic offers contract manufacturing of liquid products such as mouthwash fluids, mixtures as well as sterile medicines in the form of injection ampoules and vials. We are able to take care of everything from the purchase of input materials to the release of the end product.

Production lines
Manufacturing takes place in modern production lines offering effective and secure production which fulfil EU-GMP.

Batch sizes
Our production is very flexible and can be adapted to manufacturing batches of up to 20 000 litres.


Quality control
In our modernly equipped laboratories, we perform a number of large chemical and microbial analyses. We analyse active raw materials (API), excipients, WFI as well as end products.
We use both pharmacopoeia methods as well as our own developed methods to perform these analyses.

Stability studies
We perform stability studies according to ICH-guidelines and have climate controlled cabinets for storage of samples.

Product development
We work with the development and improvement of products for our clients.

We are also A valuable part of the Swedish Healthcare Alliance, in cooperation with Phil Med Alliance
(Visit the Phil Med Alliance page for more information : www.philmedalliance.com)

Unimedic AB
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