UniPath Systems Ltd.

Founded in 2010, UniPath Systems, a exible and innovative company, provides a combination of sophisticated products, integrated applications and advanced services to its customers. Unipath people’s long term experience in ICT, passion & talent offer exceptional Vertical Software Business Solutions for the Maritime Industry.
Unipath invests in strategic partnerships with leading vendors of the ICT worldwide (Microsoft, M-Files, StorageCraft) and successfully integrates new and tested technology market trends. Products and services are strictly adhering to Microsoft’s standards and Technologies in order to deliver a, redy to work, robust solution.
UniPath’s vision is to become a key player in the Maritime Industry, delivering quality software, tailor-made solutions and dedication to customer needs, for Office and Vessels.


Maritime companies handle vast amounts of information transactions every day. Thus, security, control, evaluation & accurate delivery must be applied at all times. Understanding the great importance of Information Management in corporate performance, UniPath, provides a complete electronic platform for office and vessels, ensuring data collection from all sources,smooth integration with third party applications, while acknowledging and utilising the existing investment in ICT.

Information will be always available for use without any geographical, time or device restrictions.

UniPath’s Manuals & Forms Management Systems® (MFM) is a complete electronic platform for office & vessels, that facilitates the creation, deployment, circulation, workkows and processing of electronic forms, manuals and inter-office document procedures, used basically by Shipping Companies in Maritime Operations.

UM-Files® is a powerful, metadata-driven Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management (DM) and Business Process Management (BPM) tool for office users, providing reliable, secure, quick and easy access to the desired content from any core business system and any device. A complete BPM lifecycle is available (Process Design, Modeling, Execution, Business Activity Monitoring & Process Optimization) along with extensive audit and trace procedures to enforce regulatory compliance.


Marine Financial Forecasting Module is an affordable, easy-to-use, rapidly deployable software solution that aims to facilitate the forecasting process and allows shipping companies of all sizes to enhance the strategic value of their nance divisions. Marine Financial Forecasting Module also provides extraordinary value compared to spreadsheet -based planning and enterprise software alternatives,since there is no longer a need to manage multiple versions of spreadsheets, complex consolidations of data, or worry about departments using the latest plan update. Financial Forecast Solution report builder, offers powerful yet easy-to-use web-based reporting for the executives and nance officers’ disposal. Reports are easy to be created, run fast and always reeect up-to-the-minute, real-time data. Financial Forecast Solution provides a full range of integration options for GLs and other enterprise applications, such as ERP or legacy systems.


UMCaliber® Uniied Messaging and Collaboration System, focuses on task that needs to be completed, not its location. In the global economy, the boundaries between home and workplace, time zones, international borders, land & sea are fading. This is the world for which UMCaliber® has been designed. It is part of our broad initiative to make it easier than ever before, to communicate and collaborate with each other.

UMCaliber® is an enhanced email client for any kind of MS Exchange Server Installation (On Premise, Office365, Hosted), that offers constant access to enterprise information (email, memo, fax, sms, documents), via Web browser, Mobile Device or Vessel module, running on real time, free off time zone and geographical limitations.


Recently, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) has changed dramatically in order to cope with the disruptive impact of cloud computing market. Nowadays BCP and DR services are based on the workloads/applications that the customer wishes to protect, without having to commit on building another Information System from scratch. Consequently, the company’s main concern is real business-aligned factors such as the desired Recovery Time & Recovery Point Objectives (RTO & RPO). UNIPATH’s technical expertise, combined with great technology tools (StorageCraft ShadowProtect) and state of the art Data Center Infrastructure, ensures that only the best of breed DR/DRaaS partner is at your disposal.

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