Uno-X Smøreolje AS

uno-x smøreolje

One of Norway’s leading suppliers of lubricants. Manufacturer and marketer of Texaco lubricants. Nation-wide delivery through direct sales and our dealers. Buffer warehouses from Hammerfest to Fredrikstad. Our products are available worldwide.

Quality and environment
• ISO 9001 certified
• ISO 14001 certified blending plant
• Achilles JQS certified
• TransQ certified
• Member of Subsea Valley
• Member of Green Dot Norway

Efficient and easy to use for you
• Norwegian and english speaking Customer Service located in Norway.
• Technical support hotline +47 04210
• MSDS available via smartphone and PC
• Product data sheets available via smartphone and PC
• Solutions for online ordering and purchase overviews via smartphone and PC

Our own laboratory for analyzing used oil
Standardized analysis packages for use in proactive condition-based maintenance, including:
• Hydraulic oils (incl. particle counting)
• Gear oils (incl. wear information)
• Coolants (incl. corrosion protection information) Special analysis of e.g. turbine oils (incl. TAN and air release)

Delivered from our own blending plant – Scanlube
”We aim to be the most customer and environment-
focused manufacturer of lubricants in Europe”
•    Manufacture and distribute for Northern Europe
•    ISO 9001 certified
•    ISO 14001 certified

Associated with Chevron Global Lubricants
•    Sharing of expertise
•    Product development
•    Worldwide distribution


uno-x smøreolje

Uno-X Smøreolje AS
Lysaker Torg 35, NO-1366 Lysaker
+47 04210