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Unomedical – a ConvaTec company is a global leader in the development of medical devices marketed through professional business to business partnerships with many of the leading healthcare companies around the world.

Our primary focus is single-use products. Our range includes products for operating room and intensive care use such as catheters, urine collection bags as well as a variety of single use continence and critical care products – from intensive care to community settings. We are also the leading manufacturer of disposable infusion sets for insulin pumps for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Our success is based on experience, knowledge and a close cooperation with a global network of customers, professionals and the people using our products. Our ability to produce large quantities without compromising quality has led us to have a market leader position within infusion sets for treatment of diabetes and preferred supplier status with many large key customers.

Our goal is to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for customers to outsource the manufacturing of their products to us supported by high quality and service. Besides offering products manufactured at world-class manufacturing plants, our services include Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and co-development activities – all backed by a key account management team.

Our Products
In Unomedical we always keep our focus on producing high quality products. All our production sites are ISO certified. To ensure that the product will meet the high standards required by our customers and legislation the product goes through meticulous testing in compliance with international standards in our laboratories before being put into production.

Product Areas:

1. Infusion Devices
Infusion sets and injection ports for subcutaneous drug delivery in the treatment of diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Pain Management and Primary Immune Deficiency.

Unomedical: Infusion Devices

2. Urology
Drainage bags and urine catheters in materials like PVC with or without DEHP, PUR, Latex, Silicone or based on your demand, manufactured in uniform high quality on automated manufacturing equipment.

Unomedical: Urology

3. Operating Room
We supply a comprehensive assortment within suction, gastroenterology tubes, and wound drainage systems.

Unomedical: Operating Room

4. Airway Management
Our product range for anaesthesia and Intensive Care compromises solutions for mechanical ventilation, intubation and airway-clearance.

Unomedical: Airway Management

Unomedical a/s
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