Uppsala Cancer Clinic

Uppsala Cancer Clinic, UCC, is a private clinic offering leading expertise in cancer treatment

The clinic that saves lives
Behind every medical prognosis there is a soul. A person with hopes and dreams.
Those of us who work at UCC have spent more than 10 years providing treatment and care to over 750 patients with peritoneal cancer (peritoneal carcinoma). We base our work on the National Board of Health and Welfare’s concept of “Good Care”. The concept represents good health and care with respect for equality of all and the dignity of the individual.

Good care at UCC
• Knowledge-based and suited to purpose health care.
• Safe health care.
• Patient-focused health care.
• Effective health care.
• Equal health care.
• Health care provided in a timely manner.

Unique technology saves lives
“10 years ago, patients would not be operated by curative surgical intension in Sweden or in most of the places in the world if they were found to have peritoneal cancer”.

There was quite simply nothing that could be done using conventional chemotherapy on peritoneal cancer as the cytotoxin often does not reach the cancer tissue. However, thanks to the Sugarbaker surgical procedure, which we have used since 2001, many patients can be saved. The purpose of the extensive Cytoreductive surgery is to remove visible cancer tissue. Depending on the diagnosis, the patient is then given heated cytotoxin, so-called HIPEC, for treatment of the invisible cancer cells adjacent to the area that has been operated on. The core of our effective treatment team is Professor and chief physician Haile Mahteme, who has trained with Professor Sugarbaker in the USA and is Sweden’s leading surgeon and expert in the field. Our staff team also includes gynaecological tumour surgeons, liver surgeons, oncologists, urologists, s anaesthesiologist, physiotherapists, a vascular surgeon, and specialist trained nurses. In total there are 40 of us running the clinic with the same mindset: respect for life and a focus on the patient.

By focusing on one patient group and providing a well-integrated intermediary/intensive health care, including a ward,safety is further increased. All staff have between five and thirty years of experience.

Contribute to a better tomorrow
We want to contribute to a sustainable society and a healthy environmental mindset. The health care environment for the patient, the working environment for staff, and global environmental aspects are all therefore at the centre of all decisions. We work constantly to reduce the clinic’s environmental impact and energy consumption.

Diagnoses treated with Cytoreductive surgey + HIPEC
Appendix cancer
One particular form of advanced peritoneal cancer from the appendix is pseudomyxoma peritoneal (PMP).
PMP has been successfully treated using cytoreductive surgery in combination with HIPEC.
Colon cancer
Colon cancer with peritoneal spread which is treated with extensive surgery in combination with HIPEC has allowed prolonged survival and cured 30-40 per cent.
Peritoneal cancer (abdominal mesothelioma)
Disease is treated using cytoreductive surgery in combination with HIPEC.

Gynaecological cancer
Ovarian cancer
In order to achieve good survival outcomes in patients with ovarian cancer and peritoneal cancer spread, all macroscopic tumour tissue should be removed and lymph node evacuation applied through a technically demanding surgical procedure. The treatment is combined with cytotoxin and inserted intravenously. Patients who experience a cancer relapse to the peritoneum after previous surgical and cytotoxic treatment, may be offered extensive cytoreductive surgery in combination with intraperitoneal cytotoxic treatment.

Best treatment regardless of where you live
We provide patients with optimal treatment of peritoneal cancer (peritoneal carcinoma) and primary gynaecological tumours with no spread to the peritoneum. With a high quality, safe for the patient, cost effective, and evidence-based treatment, we offer a more accessible treatment option for more patients than has hitherto been possible. Examination initially takes place in your home community and can be done with guidance from UCC. When we have received and reviewed medical records, the patient will be called in for a consultation visit for information and assessment. Patients who have to travel a long way and require overnight accommodation can take advantage of our preferential rates with several hotels in central Uppsala. Naturally, UCC will be happy to help make the booking. Our goal is that a fully examined patient should be treated within 2-4 weeks after they first contact us.

Professor Haile Mahteme, Medical Officer and Chairman
Tel. +46 76 163 08 99
Email: haile.mahteme@uppsalacancerclinic.com

Susanne Svahn, Surgical nurse and CEO
Tel. +46 76 163 67 70
Email: susanne.svahn@uppsalacancerclinic.com

Our goals are that the patient is treated within 4–6 weeks to reduce the clinic’s environmental impact, energy consumption and use of disposable materials.