Uppsala Care

– For foreigners in need of specialist healthcare

Welcome to one of the largest hospitals in Sweden – and the country’s oldest university hospital. Our specialist healthcare is also available to foreign citizens. We offer diagnosis and treatment by the foremost doctors in the world in a number of fields.

Helicopter and Jet Plane transport
Uppsala University Hospital’s helicopter is fully equipped to cope with intensive care situations. The crew is adapted to suit the situation, with an intensive care doctor/nurse or a neonatologist/paediatric nurse available as appropriate. We can also offer ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) during transportation.

The Department of Endocrine Oncology
The Department of Endocrine Oncology is a Center of Excellence and a national and international referral centre for neuroendocrine tumors. We are proud to present  new diagnostic tools such as chromogranins, somatostatin receptor imaging and PET-imaging with specific tracers and new therapies like tumor-targeted radioactive treatment (PRRT) and liver embolization. The Department of Endocrine Surgery has been developed for the treatment of many endocrine tumors, including aggressive resection for some tumors, debulking surgery and radiofrequency ablation.

The Department of Oncology
Radio-therapy with protons is increasing worldwide, due to its better dose distribution compared to conventional radio therapy (X-ray). A high dose can be delivered accurately to the target (tumor) with low or no dose to surrounding normal tissue.

Since 2015 a new particle facility called the Scandion Clinic has opened near the hospital.

The Department of Plastic surgery and burn care
At the Department of Plastic surgery, we provide care for children with congenital malformations of the face and skull. Our multidisciplinary team gathers experts from plastic surgery, neurosurgery, maxillofacial surgery, pediatric anesthesia, orthodontics, speech pathology, ENT, medical genetics, radiology, ophthalmology and psychology. We offer comprehensive care for a full range of facial and craniofacial malformations, including clefts, hemifacial microcosmic, craniosynostosis and craniofacial tumors. The Burn Center at Uppsala University Hospital, is one of Sweden’s two national Burn Centers. The Burn Center offers a wide range of clinical competence, from acute treatment of severe burns and intensive care medicine to rehabilitation and reconstructive plastic surgery, making it one of the leading Burn Centers in northern Europe. Telemedicine facilities are used for specialist consultations before transportation which can be handled by our hospital’s own flying ambulance service.

The Department of Gynaecological oncology
Three times higher success rate of curing ovarian cancer.

The tumor surgical team at Uppsala University Hospital not only offers you safe and complete care for all kinds of gynaecological cancer. In many cases we also greatly increase your chances of being cured. For instance, our methods for curing advanced ovarian cancer have a proven success rate of 50 percent, compared to 15 percent, using standard treatment procedures.

At the clinic we have special skills in fertility preservation and nerve-sparing surgery in treatment of cervical cancer. In other words, where fertility is normally put at risk, we offer you a surgical treatment that allows you to give birth even in the future.

Uppsala University Hospital in Brief:
• 950 beds
• 8 000 employees
• 56 000 admissions per year
• 300 000 doctor appointments per year
• 350 000 treatment procedures per year

Welcome to a healthier future.


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