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– The world’s 18th best business incubatorUIC1

The world’s 18th best business incubator opens up new pathways between Uppsala and Södertälje
With its well-documented successes, UIC is one of Sweden’s top business incubators. UIC is also ranked by UBI Global Benchmark 2014 as the world’s 18th best business incubator with a university connection. Nine out of ten UIC alumni companies remain active in the market today.

UIC offers the qualified advice and support essential for a successful business venture – as well as a large and active network of key contacts. Our goal is to secure the development of more viable growth companies with high rates of survival.

UIC supports business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and growth companies in their efforts to commercialize their ideas and develop their business acumen. The UIC model includes five development programs and 70 selected business coaches from the commercial and industrial sectors, all focused on helping companies achieve their stated goals. UIC is industry-independent and does not take any ownership interest in the companies. UIC has operations in Uppsala and Södertälje in Sweden.

UIC Södertälje opens up for new networks in the Uppsala-Stockholm region
In February 2012, it was announced that the global British-Swedish biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca’s research facility in Södertälje outside Stockholm was to close. Södertälje Municipality selected UIC as the business incubator for the region in order to develop additional vital growth businesses in the municipality. 40 former researchers within 15 companies and projects were enrolled in the UIC’s incubator programs, where, over the course of four months, they were given the opportunity to transform themselves from researchers to entrepreneurs.

MetaSafe was enrolled in the UIC Business Lab program in Södertälje and today has customers all over the world.

Having UIC as a professional speaking partner and to take part of their amazing knowledge and network has been enormously valuable for our road to success, says Johanna Haglund, CEO MetaSafe.

Today, UIC has established a successful business in Södertälje – open for entrepreneurs and researchers within all industries. Since the start in 2012, 29 companies in total have received advanced business development support from UIC Södertälje. UIC’s position in both Uppsala and Södertälje opens up for new networks and contact pathways between Sweden’s two strong life sciences and biotechnology regions, within both industry and universities.

Moreover, UIC’s presence in Södertälje strengthens Uppsala BIO’s BIO-X operations both by broadening the impact of new announcements and by the increased follow-up efficiency of BIO-X projects based in Södertälje and Linköping.

UIC2The companies who have received qualified support from UIC Södertälje are: Adme Ex, Analytical Proof Sweden, BiQ Pharma, Brain Shuttle, Chemnotia, Chemovix, EvoMediCon, KeytoLead, MetaSafe, N4 Teknik, Northern Light Pharmaceuticals, Novandi Chemistry, Novel Medic, Offspring Biosciences, Prosilico, QPS Sweden and Swetrade Pharmaceuticals.

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