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Vaccibody uniqueness

• Pioneering immunotherapy with superior vaccines
• Vaccibody’s vision is to develop new superior therapies and thereby become a significant international player in the global vaccine market.  
• The Vaccibody platform represents a novel and more potent therapeutic vaccine strategy inducing a stronger immunization than conventional vaccine strategies.
  Through its innovative design Vaccibody’s proprietary vaccine platform generates a rapid, durable and broad antibody and T-cell response leading to remarkably
  effective vaccines.
• Vaccibodies are targeted towards the most crucial cells of the immune system, the antigen presenting cells, thereby potentiating the vaccine effect.
• The uniqueness of the Vaccibody platform is the flexible format allowing us to use a variety of different structures as targeting units as well as any given antigenic units.
• Vaccibody has the experience and know-how to customize the vaccines by intelligent choice of targeting units to induce the desired immune response profile
  associated with protection for each specific disease.

Vaccibody technology

The vaccine industry is searching for solutions which can overcome huge bottlenecks. Ideally vaccines should be designed with the aim to administer  few doses while still obtaining effective and long lasting protection. These are difficult task both for human and veterinary use, however Vaccibody has shown significant vaccine effects providing solutions to such issues.  Vaccibody exploits the interplay between the most important cells of the immune system; Antigen Presenting Cells (APC), T-cells and B-cells. By intelligent vaccine design, Vaccibody has generated vaccines that induce more rapid, stronger and longer lasting immune responses than traditional vaccines. The Vaccibody design ensure that the vaccine is taken up by the optimal immune-initiating  cells (APC)  by binding of the targeting module to surface receptors on APC. This binding  mediate strong maturation of APCs and therefore strong antigen presenting properties of the internalized antigen to both helper T-cells and cytotoxic T-cells, which both serve different crucial functions in the immune system interplay. Since Vaccibodies can harbour whole, intact proteins as antigen modules that maintain conformational epitopes, direct stimulation of B-cells will occur as well. This stimulation, together with help from the helper T cells leads to high production of antibodies. Altogether, this controlled orchestration and concerted action leads to an effective response at extremely low doses, ultimately leading to the beneficial combat against infections and cancers.



Figure 1: The Vaccibody platform. The Vaccibody vaccine is composed of three functional parts: a targeting module, a dimerization module and the antigen module. The modular structure of the construct enables replacement of modules for any vaccine or targeting element. The impact of the three modules are shown.


Figure 2: The Vaccibody mechanism of action.


Custom-designed Vaccine optimization.

The immune system is complex with multiple players that are combatting the variety of pathogens and cancers by different mechanisms.  Vaccibody holds expertise enabling intelligent vaccine design allowing custom- optimized vaccines. By matching this asset with the growing understanding of which mechanisms that correlate with successful protection/eradication, Vaccibody has a unique opportunity in developing vaccines that ensure the optimal immune response custom-made  for any indication.

Cancer vaccine development

There is tremendous interest in immunotherapy and therapeutic vaccination strategies for the treatment of cancers due to its huge potential. However, to provide an efficacious cancer vaccine cancer-specific  antigens should be identified and the vaccine must be able to trigger the immune response to kill the  cancerous cells. To achieve this,  the vaccine must induce a strong cytotoxic T cell response, since these T cells are the ones that are capable of killing cancer cells. With established cancer, though, the T cells have failed to recognize and kill cancer cells, thus a cancer vaccine need to be able to overcome the defence mechanisms employed by the cancer e.g. in the presence of suppressive cytokine milieu generated by regulatory T cells.  Vaccibody’s vaccines  have shown a unique generation of rapid, high and long lasting T cell responses able to eradicate established tumors in a variety of animal models.  

Unique Value Proposition
•     A flexible vaccine platform allowing improvement of existing and future vaccines.

•     Platform with several very large target markets

•     Reduced risk with early partnership opportunities

•     Fast market access in the veterinary field

•     High margins in the oncology field

•     Synergy between cancer and infection experience


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