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Welcome the port of Svolvær
The port of Svolvær is about to begin development to become Northern Norway’s leading service port in terms of all vessel types up to 200 metres in length.

There has been an enormous amount of development in Svolvær and the port of Svolvær during the last few decades.
Now it is hoped that businesses in the south of the country will see the opportunities the port provides for further business development.
Svolvær can be described as a port for ship repairs, as a fishing port, a service port, and a goods and cruise port. A maritime powerhouse in Northern Norway.
The largest concentration of repair shops for ships in Northern Norway’s is located in the town. It is possible to have anything from the smallest pleasure craft to naval vessels serviced here. In the western part of the port there is a modern dry dock, which can handle boats of up to 115 metres in length.
The workshops in Svolvær are also constantly evolving. We are always looking for opportunities to make improvements. The great reputation, fantastic facilities, and excellent location means that companies regularly attract new groups of customers. Most recently, the Norwegian Coast Guard has selected Svolvær as the location for the maintenance of its boats.
‘We have a have a workshop environment where the partnership between the different operators is unique, and and almost all tasks can be dealt with. Vågan Port Authority is also dedicating much of its efforts into further development of the excellent partnership between the municipality and businesses.

Modern service port
As a municipality, Vågan has made significant investments in developing the port of Svolvær. The goal is to be the complete port, offering everything that is sought after by every type of boat and ship, in terms of bunkering, repairs, and service. The port has gradually developed into Northern Norway’s largest service port, where the maritime service provision is connected together in its own network.
Svolvær is also visited by a number of cruise ships throughout the year. The municipality and the port authority are members of the Lofoten Cruise Network.

‘During the course of last year, we had 7300 calls made by various vessels. The biggest group was naturally fishing vessels. A large number of pleasure craft use our guest harbour facilities. We have therefore invested in facilitating more guest nights for the smallest boats. A service building with toilets, showers, and laundry facilities has been established close to the town square.

Hub in Lofoten and Vesterålen (the LO/VE region).
Svolvær’s location makes the port ideal as a hub for various types of traffic in the LO/VE region. Based in Svolvær, and with a radius from Lofotodden, there is a circle that covers practically all of Lofoten and Vesterålen as far north as Harstad/Narvik.
Following the opening of Lofast, we consider the port of Svolvær to be a future centre for the unloading of goods and cargo, not only for Lofoten, but the entire LO/VE region, Ofoten, and Sør-Troms. Seagoing cargo traffic conveniently unload their goods in Svolvær, before they are transported onwards in the region by road. This provides a time saving of up to 12 hours on northbound connections.

Business operators welcome
The municipality of Vågan, in partnership with private stakeholders, is in the process of finalising a 450,000 sqm industrial area in the southwestern part of the port. The port authority has its disposal approximately 50,000 sqm of this area. Next year (2015), the construction of a 350 metre long industrial quay is scheduled to begin for a total cost of approx. NOK 75 million.
In connection with future oil activity in the area, the port of Svolvær may function as an “advance” unloading point for goods and services in partnership with other bases already in existence. The municipality of Vågan wants to be in a position to offer suitable spaces for all types of maritime-related businesses that want to establish themselves in the port of Svolvær.

We hope various industry operators see these opportunities for what they are, consider establishing themselves in the area, and get in touch with us. Our goal is for the area to become an industrial and business powerhouse.    

More information about the port of Svolvær is available at på www.vaganhavn.no      


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