Valoralia I más D

valoralia i mas dValoralia I más D is born as a organization specialized in identifying, monitoring, financing and marketing of R&D projects and results, mainly in the medical and environmental areas.

Having a specific knowledge in Biotecnology, focused in pharmaceutical market and always improving its know how trough R&D programs, Valoralia I más D has became in a leading company in cyanobacteria research.









valoralia i mas dThe Valoralia I más D challenging project are focused on the study of cyanobacteria and its gene clusters (PKSs and NRPSs) which are responsible for the biosynthesis of the majority of the bioactive compounds.

The two principal research activity that occupy Valoralia I más D, are mainly focused on searching anti-infective and anti-tumor compounds.

Valoralia I más D, collaborates with universities and public institutions, improving its innovative potential and knowledge transfer for future research, counting with the best professionals in the field.

Valoralia I más D is the Cyanobacterias’s Company!

Valoralia I más D
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