Venatio AB




Venatio AB specialize in aiming systems for small arms to support weapons, including everything from the simplest pistol iron sights to the most advanced computerized sights, as well as the most advanced sensors NV/IR. Representing Trijicon Inc in Scandinavia since the start in 1995.


In Norway through cooperation with Capsicum Norway AS:


Venatio AB has advanced production in Halmstad Sweden and distribution of gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS) self activated illumination for MB-Microtec AG. Supplier to defense industry in Scandinavia.


Venatio represent and distribute Lifesaver Systems in Scandinavia. The uniquely personal water filtration system, providing the soldier the ability to produce filtered sterile water from bacteria and virus infected water in the field.


The sister company RAM Nordic AB supply armed forces and defense industry with flexible rugged mounting systems for extreme vehicle environments. RAM has a wide selection of products to suit all types of vehicle installations. RAM Nordic is the Scandinavian office and distributor of RAM MOUNTS.


Kristinebergsv. 17, SE-302 41 Halmstad, Sweden
+46 35 22 82 52