Verksted & Industri Service AS


Verksted & Industri Service AS – VIS AS – is a supplier of all kinds of workshop equipment.

VIS AS supplies all workshop equipment for both passenger cars and heavy vehicle workshops, and all kind of specialized workshops. VIS AS has a service department with skilled technicians who have extensive experience and expertise with all kinds of workshop equipment. Our technicians can assist with mounting, service, control and calibration.

VIS supplies workshop equipment from leading European producers, which supplies equipment of the highest degree quality and reliability. VIS supplies vehicle lifts from Stenhøj. Stenhøj has specialized their product line to a high degree of quality and with a wide selection of vehicle lifts and matching lifting program, which covers all tonnage – from small passenger cars up to heavy-duty vehicles, and specialty lifters. Stenhøj also delivers a large compressor program. Stenhøj Hydraulic supplies presses – ranging from small size table presses to large industrial size presser.



Corghi is a well-known producer of wheel treatment equipment such as tire changers, wheel balancers, aligners and vehicle lifts.

Paint cabins and preparation zones from Blowtherm supplies the latest technology to paint-/body- shops. Blowtherm supplies spray boots, preparation zones, mixing booths, drying systems and lifting systems plus central heating.

When it comes to testing equipment such as brake testers VIS supplies products from Sherpa, Escon and Arex. VIS AS can also supply high quality workshop interior from Dura. We can deliver carmakers version for the interior of the workshop to our customer’s choice.

We deliver all kinds of fl uid treatment systems, and extraction systems for exhaust, dust and welding, from Keen Space.

VIS AS supplies equipment that satisfies ISO demands, and the authorities’ demands for PTI.

We have supplied installations, solutions and equipment for both military and civilian workshops for over 20 years.


Verksted & Industri Service AS
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