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Safe Breathing air in confined space is our main focus in both products and service.

VESTTEKNIKK is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of technical safety equipment. We strive constantly to ensure maximum safety for you and your colleagues in hazardous working envirmonments. As well as supplying products for gas detection and breathing protection, we also provide training and rental service. All this, together with consulting and maintenance, adds up to what we offer the marked:

vestteknikk, safe air supply, breathingA complete supplier of technical Safety Equipment for hazardous working environments! Personal safety – in all aspects.

Gas Detection
Early warning can be the difference between life and dead.

Vestteknikk AS is a major supplier of portable gas detectors to the offshore industry. During the years we have delivered thousands of the well known yellow one “GasAlertMicro”. Vestteknikk are representing the worlds leading producers of gas detectors;

  • BW claims to be “the innovater in gas detection“ and produce the worlds smallest detector.
  • GMI produces portable and rough detectors for the most advanced applications.
  • IONSCIENCE produces the worlds most advanced PID detector for detection of VOC’s.
  • MONICON specialises in design, development and manufacturing of advanced, high quality, fixed gas monitoring instruments.

Respiratory protection
Life itself depends on continual access to enough clean, breathable air.

Vestteknikk are representing the worlds largest manufacture of Breathing Apparatus Scott International in Norway. Serveral of the product from Scott are well known in the marked, such as the “Elsa” Escape set and the Sabre Contour breathing apparatus. This give us the necessary confidence to reliable products for use in hazardous environments.

We strengthen your competence
Technical safety equipment is generally simple to use, and training makes its safe use even easier. This is specially important in the field, where the safety equipment is to be used – whether in exercises or in real-life situations.

Breathing Air Supply. (BAS)
H2S Emergency Container. Containerised system for use in a emergency situation. Contain all necessary equipment for supplying breathing air for up to 16 persons in 16 hours. This is a product specially developes for the oil & gas business during exploration drilling.

Online Air Quality detector for breathing air supply
Our latest product is a warning/shutdown device for use within pressurised airline system. It will give a signal if the air quality drops below presets limitation.

“Vestteknikk – safe breathing air in confined space”

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