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Who are we?
Vex Gruppen AS is a privately held Norwegian recruitment and staffing agency. The company was established in 1996 and we are located with offices both on Straume, Fjell and Storebotn Næringspark, Askøy outside Bergen.

We supply qualified personnel to companies throughout Norway and specialize on serving the oil industry with qualified technical, administrative and commercial personnel.


“We may not be the biggest agency, but we are considered to be one of the best!”

We believe in being a serious and professional partner for both our customers and our candidates. Trust, security, happiness and availability are important to us when communicating to both clients and candidates. Through these cornerstone values we are confident that we are better suited to provide the right individual for your company.

What type of service and personnel do we supply?
Vex-Gruppen AS is involved in recruitment processes to both permanent and temporary positions. We can supply personnel to a broad range of different type of positions and the following are examples of the positions our candidates are qualified for:

Technical personnel
Warehouse technicians

Mechanical engineers
Subsea engineers
Electro engineers
Automation engineers

Administrative personnel
Sales & Marketing
Finance controllers
HSE engineers




Subsea installations

Human resources are our main product and we take safety very seriously. We work in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, and are a registered and qualified company in the Achilles and Sellihca databases. All of our candidates go through a quality check by our advisors to assure your company of the candidate’s qualifications and personality traits.

Why choose us?
Vex-Gruppen AS may not be the biggest agency, but we are known to be one of the best agencies in the industry! Your company will have your own designated advisor which will serve as single point of contact in all your business with us. Our advisors work as a team and you can be sure that all of us work together to fill your need for qualified personnel. We will continuously search and quality check potential candidates for you, and supply you with candidates quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are looking for new challenges or qualified personnel – get in touch with us today!

“A highly qualified and trusted supplier of personnel to the oil industry for more than 16 years – it shows!”

Vex-Gruppen AS – a valued partner for you!

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