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Vibratec Akustikprodukter is specialized in anti-vibration, damping, noise and shock protection. We are Scandinavian-based with offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia.

Anti-vibration mounts (AVM’s)

Due to the varying rigidity in skids and decks the problem of vibration isolation is normally more complex offshore than on land based applications. Vibratec’s offshore AVM’s are:

• Customized to meet the demands of the project
• Designed to give optimal vibration isolation
• Optimized to endure ULS, ALS and FLS
conditions but still save weight and cost
• All metal (no rubber nor ageing parts)

Typical applications are:

• Turbo-compressor sets and generator sets
• Accommodation or office modules
• Crane boom rest cradles
• Pumps

By use of steel springs a resonance frequency of approximately 3 Hz can be achieved. Spring AVM’s are also equipped with adjustable limiters in all directions to minimize the movements due to external forces. To some extent these movement limiters can also be used to fine tune the stiffness of the AVM.

AVM’s with elastic elements in AISI316 will result in higher resonance frequency, approximately 8–15 Hz depending on solution. These types of AVM’s require less space than spring AVM’s and have a bigger allowance for differences in load.

Pipe support

Vibrations in pipe systems often lead to resonant problems and fatigue in the structure. Vibratec can supply different types of vibration isolated pipe supports completely in AISI316 or higher quality if needed:

• Fixed and sliding supports
• Pendulums
• Pipe clamps
• Expansion joints


The pipe vibrations may be further reduced using additional pipe dampers. Vibratec offers solutions with friction dampers from Danish specialist company Damptech A/S in joint cooperation.

Friction dampers can also be used in combination with vibration isolators.

Noise enclosures for offshore

High noise levels on offshore units often come from pumps, compressors, ventilation motors, valves, pipe lines etc. Special enclosures can be used to reduce this noise.

Vibratec offers custom designed acoustic enclosures completely in 316L steel with special wool with aluminum foil protection. Acoustic insertion loss is estimated including leakage from pipe penetrations, cable trays, sealings and lock systems.



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