Vikingegarden Maurenga

VikingegardenVikingegarden Maurenga is built up as a yard surrounded by a number of buildings.
The main house is well suited for both courses, meetings and banquets.
The house is in traditional timber and seats 140 people.
If you want a shuttlebuss or entertainment we can of course help you with that.


We have developed a number of activities aimed for different audiences.
We divide our guests into teams of 6-10 people.
Each team are accompanied by one of our activity leaders  who takes you through the various activities.
During dinner we will reward the best team of the day.


We welcome you to our conference facilities.
Our course / conference area keeps the same style as the rest of the Vikingegarden,
but of course with all modern facilities.
We can handle conferences and groups up to 50 people in a professional manner.
We will do our utmost to facilitate your next seminars /
conferences in the best possible way.
We only serve one group per. day so that you disposes of all Vikingegarden at your stay.

+47 90 09 77 61