Vironova AB

Providing image analysis services to the Biotechnology and Nanomedicine sectors

Vironova is a Swedish biotechnology company specializing in digital electron microscopy imaging and image analyses of viruses, liposomes and other nanoparticles.

Quality control using EM image analysis
Vironova’s proprietary software offers a unique range of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) image analysis services to academia, biotech companies and the pharmaceutical industry. The image analysis services include size distribution, circularity, morphology, packaging, aggregation state and presence of debris/ contamination. The level of lamellarity and thickness of the liposomal bilayer of liposomes are also included in the portfolio.

Systems & Software
Vironova’s customers can also access the nano-characterisation solutions as instruments. The instrument portfolio comprises VAS; an image analysis software for quantitative analyses of nano-particles and MiniTEM; a powerful and compact TEM which includes automated image acquisition and handling.

The powerful MiniTEM is a desktop instrument designed for easy TEM imaging and quantitative analysis of biological as well as inorganic samples. MiniTEM has a streamlined degree of automation in the microscope alignment, image acquisition and analysis processes. The system offers a unique approach to rapid, automated and cost efficient nanoparticle characterization and aid in diagnostics through miniaturized TEM and image analysis technology.

VAS – Vironova Analyzer Software
VAS is a software for analyzing electron microscopy images of pharmaceuticals, organic and inorganic nanoparticles, as well as ultrathin sections of cells. With its automated processes to create and store secured reports, VAS facilitates internal communication and communication to customers and regulatory agencies.

Drug development
Vironova is developing antiviral drugs against Herpes and Influenza by targeting structural components of the viruses. By utilizing our own virus analysis technology platform, the effects of the new antiviral drugs can be visualized and analyzed. The pharmaceutical portfolio consists of three projects; a compound in preclinical phase against Influenza, three compounds in lead optimization against Herpes and a patent-approved technology for thionation of pharmaceuticals.

The biosafety business unit is a research oriented CRO operating in a GLP certified BSLII+ classified cell and virus laboratory. Vironova Biosafety offers viral clearance studies in compliance with GLP, R&D studies in a non-GLP setting, consultation of the overall viral risk and compilation and evaluation of virus risk assessment reports. Additionally, the team of experts offers a high range of custom made solutions.


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