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voithHigh Friction Coating – the groundbreaking technique that doubles the torque capacity of connection couplings used in marine drive shafts.

Most conventional shaft driven propulsion marine systems use connection couplings between shafts and hubs, for safe torque transmission. Design engineers had for a long time, been looking for a greater torque capacity by manipulating the conditions of contact surfaces of such couplings. For the first time Voith Turbo Safeset reveal how their revolutionary development has increased the friction and torque capacity of their connection couplings.

Several attempts were made within the industry to increase the friction of contact surfaces with different materials and treatments, to transmit more torque through the coupling. Voith Turbo Safeset, develop and manufacture cutting edge solutions for the future of the marine industry. They understood the importance of learning to control the friction forces and predict the coefficient of friction, in order to reduce the coupling weight, increase torque capacity and increase the lifespan of the coupling.

In-depth research, testing and proofing gave positive results
After several months of testing various materials and surfaces, Voith Turbo Safeset developed a High Friction Coating (HFC) method. They discovered that spraying a thin layer of tungsten carbide creates a special coating which increases the coefficient of friction. The results from numerous tests show that HFC achieves a coefficient of friction of over 0.3.

The high coefficient of friction has allowed Voith Turbo Safeset to increase the torque capacity of connection couplings and reduce their size. As a result their HyCon connection coupling is now a premium product for the marine industry. The HyCon also has a torque capacity that is 90 to 100 percent higher than a coupling with the same outer dimensions, based on the conventional design with a friction coefficient of 0.15.

“With a high coefficient of friction, we were able to reduce the weight and increase the lifetime of many drivelines. The 40 percent weight reduction is crucial for saving space and weight on board ships and vessels, which is really important in the marine industry”, says Lars-Erik Klas, technical manager at Voith Turbo Safeset.

Approved by DNV
In all areas of marine, the classification of materials, components and systems is essential for ensuring safe operation and quality. Therefore marine drivelines and components have to be designed and manufactured according to rigorous rules. The designers had to prove that they worked according to the rules and the design had to be finally approved by the DNV classification society before manufacture could start.

The high friction coating developed by Voith Turbo Safeset has been approved by DNV for a coefficient of friction of 0.30. Experiments have shown that even at that value the couplings have a higher margin of safety than other conventional couplings. The groundbreaking HFC technique provides excellent wear and corrosion resistance. This lengthens the lifespan of the coupling, reduces system weight and length and most of all, transmitts more torque through the connections of the propulsion drive.

A long history in torque transmission and a continuous research and development strategy has propelled Voith Turbo Safeset into a world leading designer of cutting edge solutions for the future of the marine industry.

HyCon is available through Voith Turbo Safeset. For more information visit www.safeset.com

Advantages of HyCon connection coupling with HFC
• Increased pay load capacity
• Safe and fast installation, setting and releasing
• Only one pump for setting and releasing
• Easy to position axially and radially
• Shock load resistant
• Simple clamping process optimal for applications that require frequent changes
• Sealed taper surfaces ensure easy and fast assembly/dis assembly without oil leakage and good protection against seawater when couplings are in duty

Voith in brief
Voith is a globally active engineering company. With its broad portfolio covering plants, products and industrial services, Voith supplies essential markets: energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.

Founded in 1867, Voith employs more than 42 000 people, generates 5.7 billion Euros in sales, operates in about 50 countries around the world and is today one of the biggest family-owned companies in Europe. The holding company, Voith GmbH, is based in Heidenheim/Brenz, Germany. Voith Turbo SafeSet are the experts in development and manufacture of torque-limiting and connection couplings within Voith. For over 30 years the company has supplied the market with the most reliable systems available. By combining engineering skills, innovative strength and solid base Voith Turbo SafeSet is a partner to rely on for generations to come.


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