Vuyk Rotterdam – a Royal IHC company


Practical and theoretical experience

Our crew has a well spread educational background, ranging from polytechnic to master of science levels. The average experience with the company is high. We keep a close connection with the day-to-day operations of our customers.
We aim for practical solutions and designs, but also recognize that theoretical analyses are often necessary. We therefore have a team of engineers in-house with in-depth experience with complex hydrodynamic and finite element calculations.

Areas of expertise
Our services can be broadly defined into three categories: general ship design, special equipment design and marine operations engineering for the dredging, offshore construction, renewables and heavy lift market sectors.

Ship design
Our ship design services encompass the entire procedure from sitting down with a client for an initial concept right through to detailed engineering drawings; our engineers collaborate with the client at every stage to ensure that their vision is realised in an efficient and functional design. Following this procedure we have designed a range of vessels from small, durable dredgers to large offshore construction vessels and jack-ups. One of our strengths is designing to function and providing integrated designs, tailored to the needs of our clients.

Special equipment design
Special equipment design equates to the creation of niche tools and equipment for which there might not be existing templates. This means items such as lifting frames, one-off cranes, rock dumping, fallpipe or cable lay equipment.

Marine operations engineering
Marine operations engineering, is the term we assign to operational engineering intended for preparation of work carried out offshore, above, on and under water. This includes load out, transport and installation work for offshore wind turbines, foundations or cables, oil and gas equipment (subsea installation or platforms), civil constructions such as tunnels, jetties or caissons and salvage assistance. It is a special mix of hands-on experience using a practical and no nonsense approach and highly complex engineering using hydrodynamic and structural calculations.

Design to function
With the above activities, we enjoy a strong position at the centre of the entire design process and we also have a firm grasp across the entire build and use phase. We are one of the few companies that cover the full circle of a vessel’s life: ship design, equipment design and operational engineering. When providing consultancy for tackling a problem in one of these fields of expertise, this broad knowledge comes at hand. As consultants that is what we do.

For example, in offshore wind we are active on a number of fronts. Apart from the daily preparation of installation jobs, we are asked to assist in improving installation by doing feasibility studies and third party reviews for vessels or installation methods. As a result, we are able to address opportunities for improvements and developments.

Modifying and upgrading existing offshore structures
We are able to engineer the upgrade of existing equipment to meet up-to-date technical standards, to meet new client requirements or for a general retrofit. An example hereof is the upgrade of the capacity of several sheerlegs. But also the upgrade of vessels to increase the deadweight capacity.

Redesigning of vessels for special applications
In addition to improving and upgrading vessels and equipment, we are able to redesign vessels to fulfil complete different requirements than their original purpose.

Our services are offered at various stages in a project such as feasibility studies, concept and basic designs, detailed structural analyses, building supervision, and studies in the area of amongst others ship motions, dynamic positioning and mooring or riser systems.

Extension of service
Vuyk is a full daughter of Royal IHC, a full service provider and manufacturer in offshore (renewables), dredging and mining. Consequently the services provided by Vuyk can be expanded to manufacturing and other services by seamless cooperation with one or more of our sister units within the group. This is entirely up to our customer’s preference.


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