60 years with spring technology for electrical connections, today a leading supplier of automation technology for O&G solutions.

wago Photo: Aker Solutions


WAGO is to electrical spring connection what Xerox used to be for copying. We are and have been since the beginning in 1951 the leading inventor and supplier of electrical spring technology. O&G business world wide with its high demand for reliability is using a technology where the influence of vibration, temperature change or harsh environment is not reducing the availability of the system. The springs in our terminal blocks will ensure a 100% maintenance free and reliable electrical connection for your installation.

It all started with terminal blocks, and it is a given that we use the same connection in our compact PLC’s and remote IO systems. We don’t want the reliability of our automation to be dependent on a bad connection.
The 750-automation system from WAGO is not only a reliable partner for many vendors of mechanical systems in O&G. Some of the features that have won our reputation are the compact design, open solutions with communication capabilities on all major bus systems and a wide signal range. However, the key factor is probably the “blue modules”. Traditionally, Exi signals went through external barriers located in separate cabinets, which required extra engineering, space and weight. With the integration of galvanic Exi barriers in the remote IO cards, many smart solutions have been found.

One of our success stories is the cooperation with Aker Solutions where the drilling systems, including the MH DDM 1000 AC, 2 motor and many other applications are supplied with our remote IO. The space savings of the Exi interface cards have been one of the key elements for WAGO in these solutions.

The portfolio of the 750-series includes all main signal types, in a cost efficient and compact design. The fact that the cards have been approved by the main ship classing authorities like DNV-GL, ABS, LR and includes technology interfaces like the proportional valve controller, a one of it’s kind from WAGO, allows for use in a long range of applications.

WAGO Norway is enjoying the success within O&G,and has great aspirations for the future. We want you to be a part of it!

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