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If a ship fails to meet the marine industry’s tough global safety regulations, the costs could be measured in lives. The HI‑FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System is proven to meet these regulations. HI-FOG® ensures the smooth-running continuity of your shipping business.

HI-FOG®’s proven operational strength over decades is reflected in more than a thousand of vessels currently fitted with the system and numerous real case fires successfully suppressed. Originally developed for protecting accommodation spaces of passenger ships, HI-FOG® is now being used for the protection of all spaces on every types of vessels.

Watermist ASImmediate activation
The moment the fire is detected, HI-FOG® springs into action, immediately attacking the fire. HI-FOG® controls, suppresses and extinguishes the fire. The water mist cools the surroundings, preventing the fire from reigniting. Spaces do not need to be evacuated or closed off for HI-FOG® to be activated. This dramatically reduces the potential damage fire can cause.

HI-FOG® is entirely safe for people and the environment. Premises can be entered while the system is discharging as it does not affect the system’s fire fighting efficiency or pose any danger to people. HI-FOG® makes evacuation and fire fighting safer by blocking the radiant heat emitted by the fire.

Never depleted
Remaining protected also after fire is very important. While most other solutions need recharging or special service after activation, HI-FOG® is ready to go again without delay. The system is designed so that the water supply is never depleted. If the water tanks are emptied, HI-FOG® can switch to sea water for continued fire protection.

HI-FOG® benefits:

  • Fast: immediate activation
  • Proven: success in countless real fires
  • Safe: harmless to people and the environment
  • Cooling: prevents fire from reigniting
  • Short downtime: economic risk reduction
  • Low water usage: minimized damages
  • Flexibility: single central pump can service the entire integrated system

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