Wave Star A/S

Wave Star


Long ago Denmark positioned itself as a green nation.
Now we are moving forward in the exploitation of the enormous forces of the sea.


After 6 years of intensive development and testing of several small-scale machines, a prototype of a commercial 600 kW wave energy machine was installed in the North Sea of Denmark in September 2009. The 40 m long impressive prototype – with two floats of 5 m in diameter – is located 300 m off Hanstholm in the North Sea at a water depth of 7 m and produces electricity to the grid.

Wave Star



With the operating 500 kW prototype, Wavestar has stated its position among the leading wave energy developers in the world.

Right now, alternative energy sources usually exist separately. Wavestar wants everyone to work closer together to realize the dream of unlimited clean energy. We wish to see wave power plants incorporated in all future wind farms off the coast in countries facing the big oceans.