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About Weifa
Weifa is Norway’s leading fully integrated pharmaceutical company. We supply real value through medicines, lifestyle products, and solutions that address the essential needs of consumers, customers, and professional partners.

Weifa has a strong position in Norway and is the domestic market leader in pain relief, with well-established brands. In addition, Weifa has a considerable international business as a leading producer of metformin, an active pharmaceutical ingredient in fi rst-line treatment of diabetes II and opiates for use in pain relief and cough medicine.

Our production
Weifa is active throughout the value chain – from research and development, to production, distribution, and sales. The company’s two factories in Kragerø represent a key element of this chain. One factory is a fl exible combination plant for the production of opiates, tablets, and various finished dosage forms. The other factory is a state-of-theart facility purely dedicated to the production of metformin.

Our ambitions
Weifa’s ambition is to be the leading supplier to Nordic consumers. Furthermore, Weifa aims to strengthen its strong position as a supplier to the international professional market. We will secure a leading position by focusing on product development and quality in production and processes. We believe in building strong relations with our customers.

Our customer service
Weifa’s strong international position as an API provider rests on more than top quality products. Our mission is to make our customers succeed. We offer high reliability and professional customer service. In 2010, our production and logistics facilities achieved a service degree of 98 percent. Seeking to build value into the customer relationship, we measure ourselves against a set of desired characteristics:
• Client-intimate
• Dedicated
• Direct
• Simple
• Transparent
• Responsive
• Nice to do business with

Our technical service
The technical service function is an important part of our customer service. Through a single point of contact, we support our customers on a range of issues including specifi cations, method of analysis, stability data, and production-related issues.

Weifa AS
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