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Since 1966, Welding Alloys has gained unique experience drawing from years of commitment to research and development of specialised welding products and solutions.

Welding Alloys is committed to forming close customer relationships and has established numerous partnerships with industry as a supplier of the total solution from consumables, machines and training, to integrated engineering services. Through this the Welding Alloys Group has gained a thorough understanding of the operating conditions and requirements of industries worldwide.

D3-Touch™ Control Technology
This new control technology for automation allows effective and efficient implementation of fully automated welding techniques and processes. This system allows:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Perfect synchronisation between all axes of movement
  • Seamless and precise control of the welding head
  • Reduction in setup time through the setting up of repeatable welding parameters
  • Reduction in time and cost, increasing efficiency and reproducibility
  • Precision welding, reducing material/welding consumables used
  • Simple programmable interface with only the requirement for one operator
  • Full traceability of materials used the welding process
  • Self / remote system diagnostics
  • Weld condition monitoring
  • Remote system & process monitoring

Welding Alloys has incorporated this new EtherCAT® based D3-Touch™ technology into all of its machines, improving the performance and accuracy of the welding process.

The user interface has been specifically designed for a perfect connection between the operator and the machine.

This technology complements the precision engineered mechanics, allowing for optimum quality and welding performance.

MultiSurfacer™ XT Orbital Cladder
Developed through Welding Alloys’ continued product development programme and in-depth knowledge of cladding / hardfacing technology for internal bores, pipes, rings and grooves; the XT Orbital Cladder meets the demands of the industry, seamlessly and efficiently within the global oil, gas and petrochemical markets.

  • Bore-to-bore / Joining programming
  • Innovative touch screen technology
  • Offline programming of component geometries
  • Component geometries taken from direct input of CAD drawings
  • Self-centering functionality
  • Arc Voltage Control (AVC) providing automatic control of the distance between the welding tip and the component
  • Min & Max setting of weld parameters give alarm signals when values fall out of specified range

The standard machine has been designed to utilise hot wire TIG processes for cladding internal bores, blocks and valves from 800mm to 400mm in diameter.

MultiSurfacer™ ST Stabiliser Welder
The ST Stabiliser welding machine is specially designed and developed to provide the automated welding of drill stabilisers used for applications in soft to medium hard formation holes in the oil & gas sectors.

  • High degree of motion and process control
  • Welding repeatability
  • Full component manipulation
  • High quality weld on stabilisers
  • Built in condition monitoring facility
  • Ability to handle a mixture of welding processes
  • Fully integrated mechanical and electrical design
  • Complete geometry programming
  • Auto diameter allowing a constant surface speed to be maintained

Through the use of the Welding Alloys range of consumables and flux-cored cladding wires, a high quality, defect free weld can be achieved on stabilisers, offering a superior level of wear resistance.

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